Saturday, November 07, 2015

If only there was more focus on connecting dots

New York Times on US intelligence interpretation of information around the Russian plane crash in Sinai --

Intelligence officials said that they had intercepted communications from militants based in Sinai before and after the crash but that the intercepts were inconclusive. In the days leading up to the crash, American spies intercepted an electronic communication discussing “something big in the area” related to aviation, a senior American official said on Friday. But it was a single intercept that conveyed no specific time or place — the kind of militant chatter the analysts see all the time, the official said.

Sadly that portrayal of how information was being dealt with is proof that we've "moved on" from 9/11. Another echo of that era is the apparent lack of awareness of the prolonged deterioration in security in Sinai and of the risks associated with the Egyptian military's heavy-handed response. That's just one reason why any wistful talk of a forceful Russian response -- which would just be the existing Egyptian response with even more weapons -- is headed for disappointment.

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