Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Al Qaeda was better in its grunge phase

There are somewhat odd convolutions and contortions going on over whether the San Bernandino spree killing represents a new strand of ISIS in its illustration of how it can outsource terrorism as opposed to carrying it out itself.

Leave aside numerous examples over the years -- several listed by President Obama in his speech on Sunday night -- of apparent self-radicalization and other examples from Canada and Australia.

Is there anything actually new within the sphere of violent Islamist groups about looking to inspire attacks overseas? To the left, the summer 2010 edition of the magazine of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is entitled, er, Inspire.

These groups are a package of issues, grievances, and methods. To pull one thing out and focus on its alleged novelty is a recipe for confusion.

UPDATE 18 DECEMBER: The San Bernadino killers read Inspire!

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