Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pond Synergy

The Christmas Eve Wall Street Journal brings some across the water local colour essential for Anglophile credibility to its readers --

When it comes to sports, Christmas time in Britain means two things: a lot of soccer, and a lot of darts ... “It’s the working man’s golf,” said Barry Hearn, the sports impresario who bought control of the Professional Darts Corp. in 2002 and turned it into what it is today—a pro tour with $15 million in prize money. “There is something special about Christmas because Christmas is all about the darts,” Hearn said. 

That would be Sun (prop. R Murdoch) columnist Barry Hearn giving quotes to a Wall Street Journal (prop. R Murdoch) article about what a great job he's done promoting darts, with the same article also having a later reference to darts coverage on Sky (prop. R Murdoch). As they say at Private Eye, trebles all round!

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