Tuesday, December 27, 2016

He learned his diplomatic skills on CNN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a 2014 speech --

We can and should minimize the possible damage radical Islam poses to us and others, support the international efforts to strengthen Jordan and support the Kurds' aspirations for independence. Jordan is a stable, moderate country with a strong military that can defend itself, and the international efforts to support it are appropriate. So too is the support for the Kurds, who are a fighting people that has shown political commitment and moderation and deserves political independence.

That's Bibi calling for the breakup of a UN member state, Iraq, and a state that, whatever its current flaws, posed no threat to Israel, with Saddam -- the dictator who catapulted Bibi to stardom in 1991 -- long gone. An independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq is also contrary to stated US policy.

All things to remember in the current conservative hysteria about the US formulating its own positions at the UN Security Council.

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