Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Brexit question

BBC on the DUP's still mysterious Brexit campaign receipts and spending --

How the £425,000 was spent
£282,000 on advertising in Metro newspaper in support of Brexit
£99,616 on promotional material
£32,750 with Canadian IT and consultancy firm

Is the Canadian IT firm the same firm, AggregateIQ, that's described in the Telegraph as having run an effective social media pillar of the Brexit campaign? If so, why is some of the DUP money going to a company that was already under contract by the Leave campaign? It would be unseemly if the party was functioning as a pass-through entity to allow donors to disguise their overall level of support and direction to the campaign.

UPDATE: Buzzfeed reports that the DUP spending on the Canadian company is indeed to AggregateIQ, the same company that was contracted by Vote Leave. Should this emerging scandal be called Cash for Sash?

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