Sunday, February 12, 2017

Most influential Australian export since AC/DC

New York Times on the Middle East diplomacy assignment given to Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner --

Mr. Kushner, on something of a crash course in diplomacy, has been speaking with Arab leaders in recent weeks. But he is a mystery to most Middle Eastern officials. He has no experience in government or international affairs. His up-close exposure to the Arab world amounts to little more than trips to a handful of Persian Gulf countries and a star-studded jaunt to Jordan.

That star-studded trip to Jordan was a celebrity entourage that followed in the footsteps of the Biblical Jesus as part of the 2010 baptism of Rupert Murdoch's daughters with then wife Wendi Deng. The group was hosted by the Queen Rania for a tour of the country.

Two things to note. First, yet again, a Trump-Murdoch connection. And the Ivanka link to the Jordanian royal family puts an additional complexion on King Abdullah's supposedly semi-coincidental chat with Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast,

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