Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Worst tech word ever

Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds takes a break from spinning for Dubya to claim in the Wall Street Journal (subs. req'd, but free link here) that news items assembled by people like him would be different from the news we currently get, which is of course true since he doesn't believe that the media shouldn't report things like Abu Ghraib:

Pajamas Media, a blog-news venture I'm involved with, is recruiting a network of independent journalists around the world (and especially in less-democratic countries) and working on ways to support them financially, legally, and technologically.

It's unclear which countries earn inclusion in the especially clause but so far it looks like most of the bloggers who have signed up are American. And the catchy word to describe this phenomenon:

What some are calling "we-dia" may wind up saving the media.

It should be written as "weed-ia."

UPDATE: Reader CS weeds through the Pajamas Media promotional materials and notes the country list in full:

Besides, the US, blogs from the following countries have signed up as of now -- UK, Australia, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Spain, Germany, France, India and Malaysia. Just added - Netherlands.

It would seem then that the French No and its imminent Dutch counterpart can't be taken at face value, if they are the undemocratic countries. Or maybe the Iraqi election? Tony Blair's 37 percent of the popular vote? And didn't the Pajamas Media people get the new memo from the Heritage Foundation -- Malaysia is our friend now!

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