Friday, December 01, 2006

He'll be Brother Sullivan by Christmas

We used to think Andrew Sullivan was signalling that his disillusionment with Catholicism would end in conversion to the Anglican faith. There is a new possibility, however --

The first time I walked into a gay disco, with all those lights, music, ritual and smoke, my immediate thought was: church! Madonna gets this, whatever Jonah says. Because she's a born-and-bred Catholic, which Jonah [Goldberg] isn't. It's theater, sweetie, theater. And the Church once understood that - which was part of its beautiful Catholicity. Gone, now, alas. But Benedict is helping nudge it back. And although I tease him about it [the Prada outfits], it's a wonderful thing. More incense, please. And lace.

Aside from the fact disco has nothing on Black Sabbath, for example, when it comes to High Church antics, if one is seeking incense and lace within the Christian tradition, isn't it time to look a tad further east than Rome?

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