Friday, December 29, 2006

The policing game

Since one never wants to underestimate the astute public relations skills of Sinn Fein, the key sentence in their press release announcing that the Ard Comhairle accepted Gerry Adams' motion to have an Ard Fheis on policing is likely the last one --

Gerry Adams will be speaking at the 50th anniversary commemoration of Seán Sabhat and Feargal Ó hAnnluain which begins in Moanes Cross, near Brookborough (sic), Co Fermanagh at 1.00pm on Monday 1st January 2007.

In other words, were the dates being carefully managed to ensure that Gerry would have access to the pulpit at a signature IRA event immediately after the motion was passed? Incidentally, the background reading on the huge cultural influence of the two subjects of the Fermanagh event, Sean South and Fergal O'Hanlon, is quite interesting.

UPDATE: Gerry referred to the coincidence of the two events as an "irony."

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