Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Already gone

Bob Herbert in the New York Times today asks --

Does anyone know where George W. Bush is?

You don’t hear much from him anymore. The last image most of us remember is of the president ducking a pair of size 10s that were hurled at him in Baghdad.

Indeed, Bush got back from Baghdad and soon disappeared to Camp David and then his vacation home in Texas. Perhaps recognizing the problem of an invisible president in a crisis, the White House has released this photo of Bush on the phone to the Palestinian PM. Note the telltale Bush attire -- he was outdoors before and probably after this photo. Biking and brush clearing to be done.

UPDATE: In his New Year's Day message, Bush claims to be keeping his promise to "sprint to the finish" -- while on vacation in Texas. His single bit of official business today was extending a trade deal for Israel. Awkward timing.

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