Sunday, December 07, 2008

There's bad news and good news

The bad news is that George Bush still has 6 weeks on the job. The good news is that, via the Bush Legacy Project being run by Karl Rove out of the White House, he's doing lots of interviews to set out his side of the story. And with no election to fight, his guard is down. So in an interview with MBC's Nadia Bilbassy-Charters, we learn --

He says what we always knew he meant: that his wars are him implementing God's will -

But I also believe there's a moral calling. If you believe there's an Almighty God, and a gift of that Almighty to everybody is freedom, then I think you have to -- if you can do something about it, that you have to act on that -- so that moms can grow up in a society that is hopeful for their children, you know, that their children are -- can realize dreams.

That at some level he has guilt about Abu Ghraib, but at such a low level that the only manifestation is preposterous denial and garbed sentences --

THE PRESIDENT: Well, like, Abu Ghraib was a terrible disappointment. And admittedly, I wasn't there on the site, but I was the Commander-in-Chief of a military where these disgraceful acts took place that sent the absolute wrong image about America and our military.

He wasn't there on the site. But his orders, channelled via the securocrats to the chain of command, were.

That his handlers still haven't told him Saudi King Abdullah's proper title ("majesty" is reserved for God; the King is Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques) --

THE PRESIDENT: I definitely think it was a major breakthrough for then-Crown Prince, now His Majesty King Abdallah, to take the initiative and lay out the conditions for peace

The flattery of King Abdullah also hints at who might on the donor list for his freedom institute.

And that he blames the post-war chaos in Iraq not on his atrocious plan but on his enlightened decision, as he sees it, not to put another dictator in Saddam's stead --

Then the interesting point was, after he was removed, with a broad coalition of countries, what do we do? You know, do we pick a strong man and say, here's America's guy and put him in there? Or do we work so that the Iraqi citizens would be able to pick their own form of government and their own people? And that's what we chose to do, and it's been really hard.

Also, he's still telling the rug story.

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