Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's an interesting comparison. George Bush and Gordon Brown are both on unannounced ("surprise!") war-on-terror visits. George Bush is in Iraq, which after 4200 American deaths, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, and hundreds of billions of dollars, is still not safe enough for a public visit (the Administration spin this time is that Baghdad was safe enough for a daytime arrival).

Gordon Brown has been to Pakistan and Afghanistan this weekend, as well as India. And just about everyone other than George Bush and those in the bubble around him agree that South Asia is the real crisis of 2009. One reason being the draw on resources and attention on Iraq over the last 5 years.

It's still an agonizing 37 days of the "Bush Legacy Project" before there's someone in the White House who'll share the generally accepted priority. A lot can happen in 37 days.

UPDATE: Bush realizes that he couldn't show up in Iraq to say goodbye and not go to Afghanistan. He arrived in the middle of the night (see photo).

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