Monday, January 05, 2009

Does Gaza not have cats?

Official White House statement -- as the White House works to block a ceasefire in Gaza:

The President, Mrs. Bush, Barbara, and Jenna are deeply saddened by the passing of their cat India ("Willie"). The 18 year-old female black American Shorthair died Sunday, January 4, 2009 at home at the White House.

When Barbara was nine years old, she named India after the former Texas Ranger baseball player, Ruben Sierra, who was called "El Indio." When Barbara and Jenna moved away to college, India, affectionately called "Kitty" by the family, stayed at the White House with the President and Mrs. Bush.

India was a beloved member of the Bush family for almost two decades. She will be greatly missed.

Perhaps Blair House, the mysteriously unavailable guest house when Barack Obama needed it, is now needed for Willie's wake.

Note: as owner of the Texas Rangers, George W. Bush traded Ruben Sierra for Jose "Juiced" Canseco.

UPDATE: Islamists website notices the Bush grief over the dead cat.

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