Wednesday, January 07, 2009

He's still around

Buried in one of George Bush's fin de siecle appointment stuffers ("President George W. Bush today announced his intention to appoint 45 individuals") is --

The President intends to appoint the following individuals to be Members of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, for the remainder of two-year terms expiring 05/03/10:


Jason Sehorn, of California.

Oh yeah, that dude. The star cornerback for the New York Giants, husband of Angie Harmon, and, as a couple, part of the much needed glamour at the 2004 Republican Convention (remember this was the one with Zell Miller snarling at Chris Matthews) --

Tonight to recognize two men who embody the American spirit of bravery and sacrifice. Their heroic feats earned them our nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor.

SEHORN: Some say that playing football takes courage - but it's just a game. Nothing compares to the valor of these men. These are America's heroes. They know the price of liberty. And they support President George W. Bush.

HARMON: The first sailor to earn the Medal of Honor was John Williams of the USS Pawnee during the Civil War.

When the ship's flagstaff fell, the wounded captain held the splintered remains in his hand, keeping the flag aloft and rallying his men.

SEHORN: The Medal of Honor represents the highest aspirations of our country, a duty that demands sacrifice, honor drawn from character...

HARMON: And a country where the flag is lifted high, and freedom still reigns. SEHORN Tonight we honor the bravest of the brave ....

HARMON: We thank you both for your service to America, and to the cause of peace and freedom in the world. And we join you in supporting a leader of courage -- a President building a safer world, and a more hopeful America.

It's hardly necessary to point out the farce of a presidential ticket with two draft dodgers on it wrapping themselves in military heroism. Or to wonder what precisely was the message: Vote Bush-Cheney, and you too can be like Angie 'n' Jason?

But anyway, George hasn't forgotten the favour. Perhaps Barack Obama should task him with figuring out how to reduce those awful ACL and MCL injuries.

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