Wednesday, January 07, 2009

He lies like a rug

George Bush has repeatedly praised his decision-making powers concering the choice of a rug when he moved into the White House and used it as an index of his wise decision-making more generally and that of Laura. But now it turns out that Laura is not actually much of a decider when it comes to rugs, as we found out today when she unveiled the George W. Bush china -- the new pattern that the Obamas will be stuck with along with all the other appointee cronies when they move into the White House.

Here's Laura talking about the rug --

But it was very complicated to design and then to have these rugs built, which are more complicated than you might guess, to first to do the designs, to settle on the designs, to settle on the yarn colors. It included a lot of strike-offs, just like with the china being sent back and forth from the mill in North Carolina, the carpet mill that made these carpets, or the Lenox, or Anna Weatherley, where they would strike-offs, we would look at them, we would tweak them, we would say that doesn't do, we're going to have to do something else. And so it ended up being a very long and complicated process.

If this amount of time was going on a rug, no wonder the White House seemed so passive when an actual crisis hit. One other bit of news from Laura's session with the media about the china --

Q Mrs. Bush, what will you do on the night of January 20th? You'll fly back to Texas?

MRS. BUSH: That's right. We'll fly back to Texas, and we'll end up at our ranch with a number of friends who will be going with us, who will be there with us that night to spend the first night at home there. So that will be fun.

And then a few days after that, whenever it's -- the painters have finished, we'll move -- I'll move -- the moving vans at our Dallas house and move in there.

In other words, their stuff is being shipped to the new place in Dallas, not "the ranch", and Laura is going there ahead of George to meet the trucks. She can't get out of the political prop fast enough. And away from George?

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