Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cartoons for grown-ups

In the space of 6 posts on National Review's The Corner you can go from Mark Steyn sighing at how Europe is shutting down freedom of expression when it comes to anything connected to Islam to Andy McCarthy demanding that cartoonists should be shut down when it comes to anything that might imply that the War on Terror as defined by the US and Israel is not a truly fantastic enterprise.

And McCarthy really is arguing that such cartoons should be banned (the context is a heavy-handed Pat Oliphant cartoon), for there is no other implication from his endorsement of the view that they help "the enemy". To the extent that one can divine any principle in McCarthy's approach to deciding what gets banned and what doesn't, it's that people in Muslim countries are stupid and easily inflamed by cartoons. So he'd be in favour of any cartoons as long we're sure that those people couldn't see them.

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