Monday, March 23, 2009

The War on Notre Dame University

It was inevitable the moment they announced that President Barack Obama would be their commencement speaker. Apparently the conservative idea of a university, if you will, is that the students can't risk hearing from a President with whom some of them might disagree. So our old friend George Weigel as a plan --

As to Lenin’s question, "What, then, is to be done?," one does not risk a charge of cynicism by suggesting that the most effective advocates for Notre Dame's recovering its senses will be alumni and other donors capable of withdrawing or withholding contributions in the range of seven, eight, or nine figures.

It's funny how the conservative reaches so easily for the Communist revolutionary quote, like it was second nature. [In fact, the quote has Biblical echoes too]. Note also that his suggested strategy relies not on debate, but punishment. Compassionate conservatism, indeed.

UPDATE: A fellow critic of NDU's decision, Richard Garnett, seems nonetheless unhappy with Weigel,

It's easy for [insert name here] Completely Pure Catholic College (or blogger) to avoid dilemmas (and mistakes) like Notre Dame's, because no one cares about that College (or blogger).

Weigel would apparently rather that there not be a top ranked Catholic university like Notre Dame than one which would dare let a pro-choice President set foot on its campus. Enjoy the cocoon, dude.

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