Friday, April 03, 2009

Was there a bow?

The Right is "outraged" (see also fauxrage) that Barack Obama appeared to bow before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. They even try to distinguish it from the infamous George Bush handholding. But here's an official Saudi Press Agency photo of their bilateral meeting in London at the G20. It's a straight handshake. The photo evidence of the supposed bow looks it came from a group session. Hypothesis: the leaders were assembling for the start of the Buckingham palace reception and hilarity ensued (note Sarko smiling in the background). But no formal bow. At worst a goofy one. [multiple video]

UPDATE: Note for instance the supposed row between Silvio Berlusconi and the Queen. And did Bush's necklace from King Abdullah come with a bow?

FINAL UPDATE: One thing to keep in mind -- the people pushing the bow hysteria are the same people who pushed the Obama teleprompter shite.

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