Thursday, April 16, 2009

About that withdrawal from Iraq

Multi-National Forces Iraq press release --

FORWARD OPERATING BASE DELTA, Iraq – Conducting a partnered nighttime police operation when unable to see can make any mission difficult. Soldiers from the 772nd Military Police Company, realized these challenges when they discovered their Iraqi partners didn’t have flashlights.

“During a night patrol, we went out there to do a checkpoint and quickly realized it was very difficult to do it without flashlights,” said Sgt. Glen MacDonald, 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, 772nd MP Co., “We had to use ours but they didn’t have any at all.”

MacDonald reached out to people in his home state to see if they could help. “I have some friends that work for (a hardware store), and I made some contacts through my wife, and they went up their chain-of-command to the manufacturer. They donated 36 flashlights,” said MacDonald.

We learn that the Iraqi police don't have flashlights. Some American civilians donated three dozen and now they do. 6 years after the invasion. We'd say Mission Accomplished but it's just pathetic at this point.

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