Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guns and people kill people

A Glenn Reynolds blog item from last week --

2 SHOT DEAD at gun-control rally.

Quality right wing pro-gun snark, right? Except that it was a 6 year old case from London concerning a shooting at a nightclub event that had been organized as a result of earlier shootings that were connected to the mentioned one [an update to the post appeared well afterwards noting its chronological irrelevance]. Feuds have a habit of continuing like that.

So how about a blog post consisting of

2 POLICE SHOT DEAD at gun club?

Because that's what happened to 2 Okaloosa County Florida deputies today who encountered a suspect in a domestic violence call at a gun club. No doubt Glenn Reynolds would think that the pairing of the murder of police with a gun club is unfounded and in poor taste. So why did he endorse a similar connection in the London case?

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