Thursday, August 27, 2009

One scissors to rule them all

Writing in the Irish Times, John Gibbons highlights a dispute between UNICEF and Tesco Ireland over the slogan "Change for Good", the well known loose change collection envelopes which are available on many international flights. But it's now also a Tesco Ireland ad campaign slogan. Gibbons, like others in Ireland, focuses on the fact that the Change for Good slogan is well known through the participation of Aer Lingus.

Which highlights a strange omission from the list of people who could do something to resolve to dispute. Flying into Ireland on the overnight flights from the USA, Aer Lingus chooses to wake everyone up with an extended film on Change for Good, fronted by the well-remunerated RTE personality Gerry Ryan. Who also is a pitchman for Tesco on Ireland's public broadcaster, RTE. So can't he get everyone in a room and sort it out?

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