Thursday, July 17, 2014

Always learning the wrong lesson from Syria

This blog 7 weeks ago:

If the White House is blocking anti-aircraft weapons for the Syrian rebels because of where they might end up, shouldn't it be concerned where the Ukrainian rebels anti-aircraft weapons might end up?

Apparently they were not concerned enough.

While we're at it, here's Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes in that Wall Street Journal article that the White House got all tetchy about a few days ago:

Mr. Obama's aides said that no single issue links today's crises. Many are still tied to the Arab revolutions that broke out beginning in late 2010. "It's not really the first time it's been like this," said Mr. Rhodes, referring to the simultaneous revolutions the U.S. faced in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia during the Arab Spring. "The fact that you have a crisis in Ukraine has nothing to do with Gaza."

With a Russian-backed Baathist regime spawning a regional Islamic insurgency in the Middle East, and Russian-backed rebels shooting down civilian airliners in Ukraine, does the White House really want to claim that these crises have nothing to do with each other?