Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fool me fivance, shame on me

Finally, finally, the media are exhibiting a bit of scepticism about whatever the latest ISIS outrage is. The claim that ISIS had ordered female genital mutilation -- reported by a UN official on video-conference from Erbil (i.e. not in an ISIS area) is already being debunked. And it never made sense. FGM occurs in some Arab countries (generally the poorer ones or the poorer areas thereof) but it is not in the culture of the Levant or Gulf countries (despite occasional attempts by Islamophobes to claim that it is).

Now if only we could get more acknowledgement that the ISIS $400 million bank robbery, the ISIS tweet to Lionel Messi, the $3000 Rolex on the Caliph, and the 1800 year-old church burning were also fake.

Folks, they do enough bad real stuff that you really don't need to fall for this unholy alliance of link-chasers and notoriety-seekers.