Friday, March 06, 2015

Blarney isn't just a rock in Cork

Irish Times on Sinn Fein's struggle with economic policy dissonance --

A Sinn Féin spokesman said the party “keeps in regular communication with our supporters abroad” and that over the past 18 months had engaged in meetings with supporters from North America. “The focus of the meeting was investment, job creation and economic issues,” the spokesman said. A number of businessman had “a classic American approach to economics in that they would prefer lower taxes and lower spending on public services,” said a source with knowledge of what was discussed. “We explained we had a more European approach and believed in funding public services,” added the source, who is close to the party. 

Notice what the Shinners are doing. They're telling their American donors that they're just like other mainstream European political parties that prefer higher spending and taxes. But they're telling Irish voters that they're not at all like those other parties and actually reject the European centrist state completely.

UPDATE: Bonus Vox tweet relevance!

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