Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Bowie obituary: cranky note

The BBC obituary refers to his 1970s period in Berlin. The New York Times obituary refers to it being in West Berlin. Surely the NYT approach is more accurate? That's what it was then, and being in one part of a divided city with that part itself being an enclave in a non-harmonious relationship with its hinterland was part of the edginess and surreal atmosphere that suited him. Just saying it was Berlin dilutes that, especially for the kids!

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Anonymous said...

Bowie, Iggy Pop and Tony Visconti frequently visited the East while they were living in Berlin, though - mainly for the countryside and the art galleries (East Berlin had the best stuff in that respect). So they weren't cooped up in the enclave in the same way that native West Berliners were.