Friday, February 12, 2016

Syrian battlespace about to get more crowded

When historians look back at what is now just an emerging Middle East disaster, they'll marvel at the amount of time spent by the various players in agreeable European locales: London, Geneva, Munich, and Brussels. Indeed, they may wonder whether the prospect of a "negotiating" trip to Europe was part of the distorted incentives that made prolonging war the best option. Anyway, about that Brussels leg (Saudi Press Agency) --

RIYADH, Jumada 03, 1437, February 12, 2016, SPA -- Brigadier General Ahmad bin Hassan Asiri, the Military Advisor to the Minister of Defense, asserted that the decision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to send ground troops into Syria is an "irreversible decision." This came in remarks made by Brig. Gen. Asiri to reporters on the sidelines of the meeting of the international coalition to counter ISIL (Da'esh) which was held at the headquarters of NATO in Brussels on Thursday.

The Obama administration seems as eager as ever to airbrush out the many blotches on their Syria policy. But the signals are coming loud and clear from Riyadh that they're looking for a way to send troops to counter the Moscow-Tehran-Damascus axis. The White House can't say it wasn't obvious what was going to happen.

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