Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Bush ignores Pope but observes Lent

One of Dubya's irritating little problems with Gulf War II is that for someone who cites Jesus as his greatest philosophical influence, the world's largest single Christian denomination i.e. the Catholic church, is opposed to the war. Indeed, P O'Neill is very confused with the spectacle of prominent Catholic intellectuals like Michael Novak being presented to say that the Church is "wrong" in this position. DUDES! Roma locuta est, causa finita est. But leaving aside the minor matter of questioning the Pope's judgement, Catholics everywhere can surely rejoice at an obvious bridge-building measure from Dubya -- he's given up sweets! Now, this coincided with the start of the war rather than Lent, but doubtless Karl Rove will sell this one to all those Reagan Democrats as a "two-fer." If Dubya wants his Lenten and war sacrifices to nicely coincide, he needs the war to be over by April 19th. Maybe that's why Colin is playing nice with the Turks again.