Monday, April 07, 2003

Start the Week

1. Guilty verdicts in the Millionaire trial. End result: no jail time (basically they are on probation for up to 2 years), fairly modest fines considering the stakes. And the Michael Jackson and kids story must be getting old pretty fast because stunt journalist Martin Bashir, last seen expressing horror at Jackson's living arrangements, is lined up to do the TV special.

2. Two mile cordon around the Bush-Blair* summit. That war sure is popular in Ireland. The basic issue in the discussions about Northern Ireland will be how to manage a very vague timetable for the IRA and their Unionist counterparts to peacefully give up their weapons. Even in the face of several missed deadlines, occasional evidence of concealment by the IRA etc. And then there's Iraq....

*and that other dude, the tagalong PM who doesn't have a moustache.

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