Thursday, April 17, 2003

No more haircuts and shaving for me

Not when a chance for stardom beckons: Jerry Bruckheimer is producing a film about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in Ireland, and while they are following the Rings recipe of accomplished but not high priced actors for the lead roles, they are actively recruiting locals for the battle sequences. Today's Irish Times informs us that:

Extras will appear in the film as forest people, Picts, Saxons and villagers in a massive set being constructed in Kildare.
Assistant director Gail Munnelly said..
"We are especially looking for men with long hair and beards because it is set in the fifth century."

Now, it's not going to take much wit for Ireland's fierce intercounty rivalries to go to work with this material....recreating the 5th century in Kildare, how difficult can that be? Men with long hair and beards? Have they BEEN to any Kildare villages recently?

A side note for Rings fans: the movie plans to downgrade the fantasy element in favour of portrayals of scheming and fight sequences, reflecting the Gladiator provenance of the script.

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