Thursday, December 01, 2005

Department of interesting excuses

1. Pete Doherty, explaining his arrest for possession of crack cocaine to The Sun:

Speaking of his drugs arrest, the singer added: “Me and The Wolfman (a song-writing partner) were off to bury the stuff by my grandfather’s grave in West London — to draw a line under our drug-taking days.

“We were just unlucky to get pulled over. Kate [Moss] doesn’t know I have been arrested and only got out of the nick at 6am.”

2. Conrad Black's co-indictee Jack Boultbee didn't show up from Canada for his arraignment in Chicago and didn't have a representative in the U.S. District Court. The WSJ (subs. req'd) says:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Kent told Judge Amy St. Eve that someone claiming to be Mr. Boultbee's attorney sent a message saying that Mr. Boultbee "had other personal matters to attend to today, which we think indicates an unfortunate disrespect for this court."

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