Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Riots in France. No Muslims involved.

And therefore none of the shite from the right on how Eurabia is here and now. The northwestern city of Rennes had youths running through the streets and smashing stuff, but the explanation is mundane: "raveurs" upset that their "rave-party" had been cancelled by the prefect, even though the mayor had given the go-ahead:

PARIS (Reuters) - Hundreds of French youths smashed shop windows, ignited trash cans and pelted police with bottles through the night to protest against a ban on a rave party they planned in the western city of Rennes, officials said on Sunday.

Two police were injured and about 30 youths were detained during the unrest, which began mid-afternoon on Saturday as protesters chanting "freedom!" and "we want a field!" marched through the capital of the Brittany region.

Police in full riot gear fired tear gas to disperse the crowds but the protesters, many of whom police said were drunk, stayed on until the early morning.

Although it could be that penetrating rave culture is an important part of the secret Islamist "Project." Mike Power provides context. The spectacle of upset white youth in France also contradicts Powerline's dogwhistle analysis of the riots in Sydney:

The difference between the riots in Australia and those in France seems to be that the Australian riots are a two-way street.

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