Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Shlock and awe

In the tradition of the Stella Artois nucleator and Guinness Surger, the Wall Street Journal notes the demise of an alcohol gimmick too far:

Sidney Frank Importing Co. Inc., the New Rochelle, N.Y., company that built the Grey Goose vodka franchise -- and sold it to Bacardi last year for $2 billion -- is also interested. It hopes to license the Tommy Bahama brand, now on clothing made by Oxford Industries Inc., for a super-premium rum it would introduce in 2006. The company is assuming it will do better than its last attempt. Several years ago, it tried selling a $50 rum in a bottle that played calypso music and flashed lights when poured. It was pulled from the market.

Although reading the excerpt again, we wonder if booze named for a clothing line is the bigger outrage.

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