Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is a love song

As its reign as Time magazine's Blog of the Year comes to an end, Powerline produces the most embarrassingly sycophantic post, ever. It's about Scott's ["Trunk"] trip to the White House Hannukah party:

An evening to remember

... Thinking it was junk mail, I almost threw it out, until I noticed that my name and address on the envelope were handwritten. Inside was the invitation to the White House Hannukah reception held yesterday evening ...

Upon admission to the White House we were given a card with our names and address and directed where to stand in line to have a photograph taken with the president and Mrs. Bush. That took a load off our minds! We'd been worrying that issue to death over the past few weeks.

.... Even walking down the first floor hallway was an emotional experience ...

Both President and Mrs. Bush greeted us like old friends. We both expressed our admiration and thanked him for his service. Mrs. Trunk told him he was her hero. "Thank you for saying that," he said.

.... At either end of the second floor were rooms where food was set out buffet-style ... We visited each of the open rooms in the East Wing on the first and second floors at least twice each and then lingered in the second floor hallway, chatting with Joshua and his friends from around the country. We wanted to take it all in and remember every detail; we didn't want to leave.

As we walked past the band and down the stairs, the band was playing "I Could Have Danced All Night." I felt like I had never understood that song until that moment.

If only they had played Stairway, the evening would have been perfect!

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