Thursday, March 23, 2006

His monthly mention

Thursday's Wall Street Journal hosts an op-ed piece by Dan Senor (aka Mr Campbell Brown) and Roman Martinez, alumni of the Coalition (sic) Provisional Authority (sic) in Iraq. While their main theme is what should happen in the Prime Ministerial and Presidential slots of the new Iraqi government, there's another suggestion that seems to be required of any recommendation for Iraq that appears in the WSJ (subs. req'd):

Mr. Talabani .. could likely attract such disparate and talented figures as Ahmad Chalabi and former PM Ayad Allawi into his cabinet, in addition to technocrats from other political factions

This time Chalabi gets paired with Allawi, who seems to have been forgiven by the Journal for his past failings, not to mention his going seriously off-message this week and observing that there really is a civil war in Iraq.

UPDATE 10 OCTOBER: We'll note for reference that the Chalabi mentions are indeed at about the one-a-month rate; here's October's --

In other words, the way to cut the Gordian Knot on federalism is to come up with an oil-sharing plan that guarantees the resource will be apportioned equally. Our favorite idea on this score is the one proposed by Ahmed Chalabi during the Constitutional debates last year, which is the establishment of an Alaska-style oil trust that would make direct payments to all Iraqi citizens.

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