Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hubble Bubble

Mainly for the sake of keeping track of stuff we've posted about before, we want to note that the Sunday Telegraph has changed editors barely a year after Sarah Sands got the job. This is merely the latest element of intrigue at the Telegraph group, in which one Irish angle is that Kevin Myers was an early victim of the new Sands i-Pod regime -- and we can't figure out what has happened to Mark Steyn's Tuesday column in the Daily either*.

The only real signal that came from the group's owners, the Barclay Brothers, when they bought it from Hollinger (Conrad Black) were hints that Fox News pioneer Andrew Neil would be overall newspaper supremo, but the brothers have had some strange priorities of their own recently -- a quixotic "libel" action against the Times, pursued through French courts [update], and getting on board King George's Freedom Agenda by pushing for democracy in that despotic rogue nation of .... Sark. All this by way of saying that it's impossible to figure out what is going on at the Telegraph, but given its position at the fulcrum of the Anglosphere/Unionist/GWOT Alliance, it's worth keeping an eye on.

UPDATE 13 MARCH: It seems several people have started wondering why Steyn's columns in former Conrad Black UK outlets have disappeared. Tim Blair has the links, although they only make reference to Steyn's Sunday Telegraph column. Either our memory is off or the Guardian made a mistake (what are the odds of that?); we thought his slot was in the Tuesday Daily; example.

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