Monday, March 27, 2006

Swiftian satire?

A selection of the evening's posts at National Review's group blog, the Corner:

[Mark Krikorian] .. Of course, the shape of immigrant protest in Europe is a sign of how much more intracable their immigration problem is than ours, and for that we should be grateful. But the phenomenon is the same -- unwanted guests in each place are demanding they get their way. Amnesty would thus represent our parallel to Europe's dhimmification.

[note by us: most of the rioting in France, which is not all of Europe, has been by citizens].

... [links to news story about ban on proselytising in Algeria] This suggests a potentially fruitful strategy for evangelizing Muslims -- concentrate on Muslim ethnic groups oppressed by other Muslims, like the remaining Berbers in north Africa and the Kurds in Turkey. One way a faith can get a hearing is if it allows an oppressed people to express itself ... I send money to one group that evangelizes Muslims and get material from others, but I've not seen this as a conscious strategy.

Here's the latest from the AP's tendentious Nidra Pickler: "Founded by immigrants and praised as a haven for the oppressed, the United States now is struggling to decide the fate of as many as 12 million people living in the country illegally..."

Send her to reeducation camp, please. America was founded by explorers and conquerors, not "immigrants." If those guys had been immigrants they'd have had to learn indian...

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