Tuesday, July 08, 2008

They never learn

You'd think after 8 years of experience, people would have learned: playing nice with George Bush is for suckers. Just at recent G8s we have -- Yo, Blair; the Angela Merkel backrub, Yo, Harper, and now an insulting (to Silvio) biography of the Italian PM in the White House briefing book for the press corpse --

The biography, written by Encyclopedia of World Biography, said Berlusconi burst onto the political scene with no experience and used his "vast network of media holdings" to finance his campaign on a promise to "purge the notoriously lackadaisical Italian government of corruption."

The biography went on to say that Berlusconi was appointed to the prime minister's office in 1994, "however, he and his fellow Forza Italia Party leaders soon found themselves accused of the very corruption he had vowed to eradicate."

In the Bush White House, cooperation = loss of respect. Or, as the Italian media put it -- Gaffe Usa: «Berlusconi? Politico dilettante in un Paese corrotto». Poi Bush si scusa

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