Saturday, July 12, 2008

Using the dead to speak ill of the living

Former White House Press Secretary and Fox News anchor Tony Snow has died. Rest in Peace. Part of the conservative response to every death from "their" side nowadays is to complain that everyone else is not being sufficiently solemn about it. Most recent exhibit: Jesse Helms. So here is National Review;'s Kathryn Jean Lopez complaining about an incidental mention in an AP report that Snow sometimes had his facts wrong --

So the AP gets points this morning in the nasty, unnecessary, and off categories.

But just down the screen is Byron York --

Everyone knew that things had been going badly there [White House, 2006], with the war in Iraq taking a downturn, the CIA leak affair, and spokesman Scott McClellan's inability to engage reporters in real, substantive exchanges from the podium ... People knew things were a mess in the communications shop at the White House, and they knew Tony couldn't come out and say it, but that was why he took the job.

The agenda of course to bash Scott McClellan following his recent frank and damning criticism of the White House. As for those "frank and substantive exchanges" that Snow had with the press corps, who amongst us has forgotten Operation Together Forward/Forward Together?

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