Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Suspicious mind

It's great news that Ingrid Betancourt and 314 other hostages were freed by the Colombian military. Let's hope that the many other civilian hostages are freed soon and that the FARC will be extinct.

But what are the odds that the spectacular publicity coup happens with John McCain in town?

UPDATE: Not to mention with President Uribe under legal pressures! And apparently the White House wants us to know that George Bush is on the job with the congratulations.

FINAL UPDATE: CNN is already going with the angle that the hostage rescue is bad for the Democrats because it calls attention to the stalled US-Colombia free trade agreement.

VERY FINAL UPDATE: In her post-rescue statement, Ingrid Betancourt compared the rescue operation to the most famous of the Israeli commando raids -- on the same day that Israel had to swallow a prisoner swap with Hezbollah. Times have changed.

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