Friday, June 27, 2008

He sure loves dodgy Presidential elections

John McCain travel plans --

Republican White House hopeful John McCain will travel to Colombia next week to meet President Alvaro Uribe and discuss a bilateral free trade pact Democrats have held up in Congress, his campaign said Wednesday.

"This shows that Senator McCain knows Latin America, and shows how he is different from Barack Obama" his Democratic rival, campaign spokeswoman Hessy Fernandez told AFP.

Recent Alvaro Uribe news --

BOGOTA, Colombia - Colombia's president on Thursday called for a referendum to decide if new presidential elections should be held in the wake of a court decision that is questioning the legitimacy of his 2006 re-election ...

Uribe's demand came after the Supreme Court called Thursday for the re-evaluation of the congressional act that changed the constitution to allow Uribe to run for a second term. The Supreme Court questioned the act after a former representative was found guilty of having changed her vote in 2004 to support the president's bid for re-election.

After all that went on in Florida in 2000, perhaps McCain doesn't view a possibly illegitimate president as a big deal.

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