Monday, June 16, 2008

Two minutes with Fox News

Just now. It was "America's Newsroom" with Megyn (sic) Campbell and Greg Jarrett. Jarrett is interviewing Anglo-accented reactionary Stuart Varney about oil prices. Jarrett expresses incredulity that the Chinese are drilling for oil just off America's coast in Cuban waters while America can't drill in adjacent waters because of pesky environmental laws.

It's pretty bad to be referring to your show as involving "news" when you're peddling a claim that was debunked a week ago when used by Dick Cheney in an atrocious speech to the US Chamber of Commerce (which also featured a laughable fiscal policy analysis). There is no Chinese drilling for oil anywhere near the US. Varney than complained that Congress had blocked oil drilling in offshore waters 50-200 miles from the coast. "You wouldn't even see it, for God's sake" said Jarrett in response. You'd see it if there was a spill.

And to top it all off, Varney accidentally blundered into an accurate observation when he pointed out that the Saudi announcement of increased oil production had sent the oil price even higher. Yet neither of them thought through the implication that the current oil price trend clearly has little to do with additions of supply. Undeterred, Jarrett ended the segment with "maybe we can just buy our oil from the Chinese". Note how that Cuban oil (not that it exists anyway) is "our oil".

That was two minutes too long.

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