Sunday, June 15, 2008

George Bush has a preacher problem

Preparations for his Belfast visit --

As well as meeting new First Minister Peter Robinson and the Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, it is reported that Mr Bush has also requested a meeting with former First Minister Ian Paisley.

Ian Paisley, at the opening lecture of his European Instiute of Protestant Studies --

Grace is more than love. It is love triumphant over the righteous judgement of God's Holy Law against the sinner and making God, the Holy God, absolutely free to embrace the sinner through the sacrificial death of Christ. It is God absolutely, inflexibly, just yet the justifier of him who believes in Jesus.

It is here we have the great divide with Rome's Antichrist. The Pope vests salvation in Himself and his cult of a sectarian priesthood and a sectarian priestcraft.

The Gospel brings in a universal priesthood of all believers in Jesus Christ who have no part, and want no part, in sacrificial acts or ceremony. The only thing they offer up is praises to God.

The Mass is an impostor sacrifice just as much as the Pope is an impostor Christ.

George Bush interview prior to the Pope's US visit --

Q: You said famously that when you looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes, you saw his soul. What do you see when you look into Benedict's eyes?

A: God.

Photograph: John Harrison/Harrison Photography/PA via Irish Times

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