Thursday, June 05, 2008

A new Tehran conference

It's amazing how quickly right-wing talking points are blowing up these days. There goes the Iran=appeasement thing, when it was just getting started --

ANKARA, Turkey - A Turkish TV station is quoting a senior military commander as saying that Turkey and Iran have carried out coordinated strikes against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq.

CNN-Turk television reports that Gen. Ilker Basbug has confirmed for the first time that the two countries share intelligence against the rebels.

He said the two countries plan to launch more coordinated operations against the rebel group in the future.

American foreign policy messes create common interests. To run around yelling about "appeasement" when these messes are so complicated is not much of a credential for the next US President, unless it's someone who truly sees himself as running for George Bush's third term.

[Link of interest: the original Tehran conference]

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