Sunday, August 17, 2008

At the golden door

Condi Rice, during an interview on the semi-official Fox News Agency --

QUESTION: Will the U.S. consider granting Musharraf asylum to help settle the crisis?

SECRETARY RICE: Look, President Musharraf has been a good ally. And I – everyone knows that we disagreed with his decision in terms of the state of emergency that he declared. But he was to – he kept to his word, he took off the uniform, it’s now a democratic government in Pakistan. Pakistan and the United States have a joint interest in fighting terror, because these terrorists are not just after the United States and after Afghanistan. They’re also after Pakistan as demonstrated by the fact that they killed Mrs. Bhutto. That’s what we’re concentrating on, that and helping Pakistan to sustain its economy, to build its schools, its health. We have a broad Pakistan policy.

QUESTION: But Secretary, are you prepared to say whether or not the U.S. would grant Musharraf asylum in this country?

SECRETARY RICE: This is – this is an issue that is not on the table and I’m -- just want to keep our focus on what we must do with the democratic Government of Pakistan.

Condi's vague "not on the table" non-denial is similar in tone to George Bush's infamous no war plans on my desk dodge in 2002. There were in the top drawer.

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