Saturday, August 30, 2008

Short handed on the home front

One wonders if John McCain is capable of absorbing the sheer stupidity of his pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate. In his entire lifetime of experience, of which he rarely fails to remind people, the person he thinks most qualified to act in his stead wasn't even in her current job when he began his campaign.

Anyway, one of the overlooked people was Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Assuming the Republicans actually go ahead with their Minneapolis convention next week, the TVs will be showing many images of Hurricane Gustav hitting Louisiana (if it stays on its current track) and Jindal managing to look "presidential" -- which won't be a high bar given the atrocious standard of 2005. While conservatives hail their mooseburger-eating vice presidential pick.

Anyway, Jindal is already busy --

As 1,500 National Guard members arrived in New Orleans yesterday to support the city’s police department and assist in executing civil support missions, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced the activation of all available remaining Louisiana National Guard forces to assist with emergency operations in preparation for Hurricane Gustav.

With the newly activated troops coming on board today, the total of Louisiana Guard members activated reaches 7,000.

The full strength of the Louisiana national guard seems to be 11,000. So where are the other 4,000? Need you ask. Other guards are trying to help --

Headquarters 1-114th Aviation Battalion of North Little Rock, Ark., is sending 44 personnel to Esler Field in Pineville, La., to fill in for Louisiana’s 1-244th Assault Helicopter Battalion of the 204th Theater Airfield Operations Group, currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Maybe the commander-in-chief of the Alaska National Guard will be able to look presidential by offering to send forces.

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