Friday, August 29, 2008

It's also near the Pentagon

National Review's Kathleen Parker with the lamest defence of John "7 pads" McCain --

I've never seen McCain's Washington digs, but I know he has an apartment at Pentagon City (PC). If you're not familiar with DC geography, that may sound uptown. It's not. "Uptown" is Georgetown, where people like Teresa Kerry and Hillary Clinton own very expensive homes. PC is a modern and uncharming commuter hub of high-rise apartment buildings conveniently located next to mega-stores such as Pier I, Best Buy, Harris Teeter — as well as Reagan International Airport.

Here's a description of the Pentagon City Mall. Parker only mentions the big box Shops at Pentagon City which is next to it. There is also a Ritz Carlton where few Americans who might like to have a beer with McCain would normally stay at. But it is the famous Ritz Carlton where Linda Tripp met Monica Lewinsky, and thus launched Jonah Goldberg's career in "journalism".

By the way, the airport's name is Reagan National Airport, .

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