Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gladstone vs Disraeli it ain't

National Review's The Corner reports on what is viewed as a heroic display from House of Representatives Republicans yesterday --

As I was making my way over to the House chamber, I could hear the crowds inside chanting, "Drill! Drill! Drill!"

This would be the advocacy for immediate drilling in the outer waters of the USA, an enterprise which its proponents apparently think is a matter of just shifting some oil well rigs from Texas to deep water.

Even stranger is that Kim Kagan found time out of her war studies to plead --

re: Drill Here. Drill now. [Kimberly Kagan]

Please, Senator McCain, do not let Obama get to the right of you on drilling. Please.

This being a reference to a news report that Obama would consider allowing more offshore oil drilling as part of a comprehensive energy plan. What is it about the current state of conservative thought which has both support of an open-ended war in Iraq and unconditional oil drilling as dogma?

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