Friday, February 20, 2009

Aux écrans!

Conservative economics punditry is in a very strange place these days. Paul Krugman notes the apparent reverence for the 19th century. Consider also the chorus of Right On Dude that greeted CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli's rant on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading floor yesterday. National Review's K-Lo called for a Palin-Santelli ticket in 2012 (she really doesn't think much of Congressional Republicans, does she?).

So what they view as evidence of a "populist" revolt was aired on CNBC -- the channel that fashioned celebrities in the financial sector -- and was cheered on by financial traders. Isn't glorification of finance part of the mess we're in now? One noteworthy quote from Santelli near the end, referring to the people around him --

my guess is, a pretty good statistical cross section of America, the silent majority

Got that America? You're just like those traders on the CME floor.

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