Saturday, February 28, 2009

They also forgot the fada

New York Times visits the dead parrot that is the Celtic Tiger --

Ireland? Iceland? Doubts on Doomsday Scenario in Eire


You have to look a long way back to find the New York Times making use in a non-literary or colloquial context of that word. [Nor does that headline appear in the print edition].

But looking back through the history of NYT references to the 26 counties is interesting --

COSGRAVE EXTOLS THRIFT OF IRELAND; Glowing Financial Picture Painted by Free State Head in Address to Bond Club. GUEST AT THE LOTOS CLUB Dr. Butler Hails Him at Dinner for Brave Struggle--He Reviews "Fighting 69th" at Armory.

February 3, 1928, Friday

Page 16, 1505 words

A glowing picture of the financial present and future of the Irish Free State was presented by William T. Cosgrave, President of the Executive Council of the Irish Free State, in an address to the Bond Club at a luncheon yesterday at the Bankers Club.

Brian Cowen will be over in 2 weeks to give the same speech.

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