Thursday, February 05, 2009

Still serving his master

At National Review's The Corner, Peter Wehner hails an anti-stimulus article from his former boss Karl Rove and says --

The fact that public support for Obama’s bill is cratering can only serve to encourage Republicans.

It's interesting that driving down poll ratings for the Obama bill seems to be a success indicator for Republicans. It's especially interesting from those who used to hail low poll ratings as either irrelevant or even a boost to the President's policy agenda --

Aides say privately that Bush long ago made peace with his low approval ratings, which have persisted despite significant improvements in Iraq, the original source of his polling woes. Some current and former aides argue that Bush's unpopularity has made it easier for him to push ahead with difficult decisions, such as a series of dramatic interventions into the financial markets that have angered conservatives over the past two months.

"You're more liberated to act when you've internalized those low approval ratings," said Pete Wehner, a former top Bush adviser. "This is a White House and a president that are in some ways galvanized by a crisis."

So if Barack Obama, for example, decided to double the stimulus package, will Wehner compliment his defiance of low poll ratings? Indeed, by helping drive them down, isn't Wehner enabling a radical socialist agenda?

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